Dear Friends and Family

As many of you might know, we have been in a season of transition. We have learnt so much during this process, and God has been faithful. We will share some nuggets with you about the transition in the time to come.  

During this time of transition, God started speaking to us about developing a transportable model. Taking everything that we have done over the past 20 years and creating a model which can be applied to different contexts.

This was all exciting and exhilarating as we started dreaming of what that could look like, until reality hit — starting from afresh, leaving everything that we have known behind. The safety of family, friends and a church that we passionately love. On top of this, we have four children with us on the journey, as we set out for the unknown.

During the months of working this out God came and ‘does what He does best’. He relieved the pressure and made us realize, once again, that there is nothing that we can do to bring ourselves into this new space, but rather we are joining Him in what He has already prepared for us.

He simply said… “Go, be fruitful and multiply…”


We all have the desire to increase, to grow, to expand, to enlarge or to excel. This desire could be for personal growth, family or business.

You know that you and those around you were born for more. This is called the principle of multiplication. God has made human beings in His image and likeness and has given us the command to be fruitful and multiply. Multiplication is in our very nature. It is in our DNA. It is the way we have been wired. Anything that is healthy and vibrant will multiply.

We all have dreams for multiplication in different areas of our lives. What happens when you know this, but you feel stuck? Maybe you feel discouraged or overwhelmed? What area of your life are you trusting God to multiply?

Here are a few things that God spoke to us that we trust will encourage you as we all go into this next harvest season.

  1.    Stay Connected


Fruitfulness is not the goal. Fruit is the by-product of being connected and aligned correctly. When we are connected to The Vine, Jesus Christ, and aligned in the right relationships, the fruit will be the natural overflow of our lives. Staying connected is not always easy. ?The enemy knows the power of alignment and will try everything in his power to disconnect us.

2.  Bring What You Have

Every one of us has been given gifts, talents and abilities. When we bring what seems insignificant and small to Him, He is the one who takes our ‘two fish and five loaves’ and multiplies it! That is the miracle. He does the miracle.

So in conclusion, let’s keep it simple… Go and Be. God will bring the fruit and the multiplication.

We look forward to hearing your stories of Multiplication.

Andre & Marike von Mollendorff