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Online training with Multiply has been an excellent tool for our business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of our team has been working together for over five years, but Andre helped us to understand ourselves and each other much better. We are equipped to become healthy individuals with a clear identity, an effective, tightly-knit team, and a robust and resilient organisation.

Steyn Laubscher – Director

Multiply Training has been exceptional in consulting us in both organizational design and training and development. Through the adoption of an LMS (Learning Management System), we have increased our efficiencies and empowered our staff in both their professional and personal development.

Alex Munro – Director

Andre and Marike van Mollendorff from Multiply have been on a journey with employees at one of the in2food factories. The difference they are making to colleague’s thinking patterns and the building of their self-identity is having a significant and permanent impact in their lives.This translates into a better and more mature working environment which leads to higher productivity and work satisfaction within the factory. Multiply training also affects their family and social structures where people become better role models for their families and their social circle. I feel that training using the Multiply method will not only create more productive workspaces but will create better people and improve local communities.

Andre Haasbroek – Chief Operating Officer: Longlife and Systems

Andre is a breath of fresh air, bringing clarity and enthusiasm that really makes a difference. I highly recommend him.

Grant Baker, Owner and Founder

We partnered with Andre and his team at Multiply to sharpen our strategic thinking, and ensure that the work we created for Microsoft, Cartoon Network, and Reebok is both relevant and resonant in today’s exciting global marketplace.”

Jonny Marques, Owner / Director

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Andre von Mollendorff and Multiply Training. We have had the pleasure of engaging with Andre who has conducted our Work Readiness program.

Woodlands HR 

I have known Andre for 10 years, and have seen first hand his personal ethics, principles and excellent life example. It was an easy decision to bring him into our offices to present a short training course for my staff and it was very beneficial.

Morne Strydom, Owner / Director

We recently had staff training and the opportunity to apply the skills presented itself the very next day. Multiply Training gives practical handles to business challenges faced in staff relationships daily and he is such a great communicator – clear, concise and convincing.

Jo Wagner, Owner / Director

We have been using multiply training for more than a year with our staff using the skype platform. Our staff has found it very interesting and helpful in their personal as well as their professional lives. It has definitely helped the team understand one another better as well as work together better. It has proven to be a very good tool for our team building. We can definitely recommend it for a business to build into your people, which also, in the end, benefits your business.

Dr Jan Bouwer – Owner


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